Vue en hauteur de la Baie de Seine

A word from the president

Luc Lemonnier, President of Le Havre Développement

Promoting the economic development of an area means, first and foremost, helping businesses to grow, because it is business that drives development.


That's why the team of Le Havre Développement offers businesses its expertise in setup and development. Whatever your needs – premises or land, partners, human resources or funding – the agency will provide concrete responses, allowing your directors and managers to save time on these matters and concentrate on their work. 


With the support of its institutional partners, Le Havre Développement contributes to the area's attractiveness and success by supporting businesses in their initiatives and projects.


The agency is a project accelerator, here to serve businesses of any size. We look forward to helping yours !



President of Le Havre Développement

President of Le Havre Seine Metropole urban community, Mayor of Le Havre